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CW Key


NFARL members actively encourage CW proficiency

Why Learn CW?

We believe that although you don't have to KNOW CODE to pass a test, you may find great enjoyment in learning and using code.   Large portions of the amateur radio spectrum are restricted to CW (and digital).   Without CW skill, many contacts and a lot of fun are missed.   We are proud that many “new” hams have learned CW and are now on the CW portion of the bands having FUN!

Here are some "motivational" materials to consider. ... more

CW Classes

In 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014 the CW SIG sponsored a CW class.  And in 2015, they are doing it again.  W4QO is your leader and the class starts on January 22.  The class is aimed at helping you learn CW to 5 wpm.  Members of the class -- and others interested in CW -- practice CW Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 7PM on the club's 444.475 repeater from late January through March.

 ... more

Code 10 Award

For those who have learned CW in the past 3 years, NFARL sponsors an award for making 10 CW contacts ... more

CW Practice Files

Click here to visit a page with links to the CW practice files prepared by Jim, W4QO.

If you are going to use Jim's practice files with a mobile app like Text2Morse, it will be more convenient to use this link:  The files are the same but the file names are shorter.

Click here to download a zipped file containing a copy of all of the practice files.  The files are the same as the files at the links in the above two paragraphs, but are zipped into one file for downloading convenience.

Last updated January 5, 2015