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CW - Morse Code - Brass pounding

CW Key

We believe that although you don't have to KNOW CODE to pass a test, you may find great enjoyment in learning and using code.

Here are some "motivational" materials to consider.  The materials include original articles and things we've pulled from friends on the web:

We don't recommend that you learn the code by looking at the dots and dashes on a piece of paper.  You should try to learn it using sounds through one of the tools to follow.  But if you want to peek at what radio morse code looks like, click here.

Here are some tools that can help you learn and use the MORSE code:

If you want to buy a kit that is all inclusive (well, except for a 9v battery), then check out this site - click here.

For a way to use Tancredi with USA or North American callsigns, click here.