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CW Classes

2015 CW Class

In 2015 the club is sponsoring a CW class for those interested in this aspect of ham radio.   Not for everyone, CW is still finding a crowd of hams who joined the hobby after code was eliminated but who wish to find out why anyone would enjoy CW!

Two days after the NFARL January club meeting, the CW SIG starts with a single meeting at the W4QO shack.

This SIG is basically a support group as you study the code.  Participants spent at least 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week.  Each week new letters are introduced and members practice software and a M-W-F CW net at 7PM on the 444.475 (+5 mhz PL 100) repeater for 30 minutes.

Because sending is important to learning the code (10 minutes per day), members were encouraged to obtain or build a CPO / keyer / paddle for their use.  Some loaners were available.  Jim is always available to "talk" CW via the email address.

CW101 - Online University!

Concurrent with the 2014 class, we now have CW101 - an online class you can join to learn CW.  Register with and you will receive a “pack” of materials via email to keep track of your progress.  Each week you will also receive links you will use to keep pace with the class and with the “on the air” code practice sessions on M-W-F at 8PM.  You will also have a mentor assigned who will help you over the rough spots.  So register now and be ready.

2009 CW Class

We started with about a dozen and after our sixth class, we had 8 people pass the 5 wpm test.   Not a multiple choice or fill in blanks but the "old fashioned" -- COPY ONE SOLID MINUTE in a row!  Here they are and they were recognized at the next club meeting.

Also, we'd have to count KJ4HYG Chris who did not attend the class but started one week before the class using code tapes and learning it on his own!   Congrats Chris!