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Boneyard tour group

Stone Mountain Hamfest

We can color the 2008 Stone Mountain Hamfest a "success".  The tour was beneficial to our newbies and the booth proved to be a great meeting place for members, friends, those needing advice, and the curious.  In the process, we signed up several new members and sold a few CDs.

Almost a dozen of us started the day with a very informative boneyard tour led by Jim - W4QO & Mack - W4AX.  I've spent a lot of time with them, but was still amazed at their knowledge of the broad range of products and technologies we saw in the boneyard.  Gary Dowling - KJ4DYL said it best: "We were all very appreciative of the time (almost 2 hours) Jim & Mack spent walking us through every table and tailgate in the bone yard. The education on 'what's, what' and the insight into the value of the 'deals', was outstanding."

Jim Paine - N4SEC's email is good reflection on the tour's marketing benefit:  "A few times I lagged behind the group still looking at things and many vendors commented how nice it was to to see the experts taking the time to show the new hams around. They were very complimentary.  I guess the word spread; quite a few new hams came by the NFARL booth looking for advice.   Several had just passed their test that morning!"

Click on the picture to the right to see photos of the Hamfest.

Thanks to Lee - AF4IA, Jim - W4QO, & Mack - W4AX for their lead roles, and to everybody who helped make the day a success.