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North Fulton County Ocoee Library

NFARL Supports North Fulton Libraries

NFARL is a long-time supporter of the North Fulton libraries; many of the ham radio books available in libraries in the areas served by our club were contributed by NFARL in years past.

Early in 2009 our executive team surveyed the North Fulton libraries and discovered that the books on hand at all of the branches needed to be updated.  The Joule Thief project was commissioned to fund the books.  The books have been purchased, and delivery to the five North Fulton libraries has been completed.

Following are pictures from the presentations at each of the five libraries.

Jim, W4QO presents books to Lu Conti at the Roswell Library on March 4, 2009.

Jim, W4QO presents ham radio books contributed by NFARL to Lu Conti of the Roswell Library

And here he presents books to Leona Bolch of the Alpharetta Library.

Jim, W4QO presents ham radio manuals to Leona Bolch of the Alpharetta Library.

Lee, AF4IA presents books to Dorothy Parker, Manager of the Sandy Springs Library.

Lee, AF4IA presents books to Sandy Springs library

Jim, W4QO presents gift books to Roberta Austin of the Ocoee Branch Library.

NFARL's Jim Stafford presents gift books to Ocoee Branch Library

Carla Barton, Branch Manager and Michael Salpeter, Assistant Branch Manager display books donated to the Spruill Library.

NFARL presents gift books to Spruill Library