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Library Resources

NFARL Club Library

Click here to download a PDF file containing the club library catalog as of June 30, 2013.

Contact the book owner to borrow their offered items.  Owner's email addresses are available on 

Contact our librarian Keith K4KRX at email address or for information or to let him know of books you are willing to place in the lending program.

Book owners:  please verify that your contact information on is current!

Fulton County Library

Our club has a great club library and it's open at all club meetings for members to check out ham radio books.  But did you know that 5 years ago, NFARL bought several hundred dollars worth of books and donated them to the 5 libraries in our area?

Go to one of the existing libraries (new ones are being built) and go to 621.384 section to find books on ham radio.  There are books there besides the ones donated by NFARL.  I just checked out one on the history of broadcast radio!

Some libraries have the ARRL Handbook and the ARRL Antenna book in the RESERVE section, so ask.  Show / tell them ham radio is not dead in Fulton County!  :)

Jim W4QO

Last updated June 20, 2017