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BSA Merit Badge Workshop

Radio Merit Badge

NFARL is offering the BSA  Merit Badge Workshop in conjunction with our Field Day activities on Saturday, June 24th, 2017.  The class will be taught by registered Merit Badge Counselors.  It starts at 8:00 AM and scouts that participate will have the opportunity to complete all requirements within a 5 hour period.

Field Day is an emergency preparedness exercise, a public relations demonstration, a great event for our club and just a fun way to get on the air!  Hams set up away from commercial power and normal installations for 24 hours the weekend of June 24th and 25th, 2017. 

Boy Scouts who participate in our class will be able to meet the requirements as listed for both Emergency Preparedness and Radio Merit Badges.

More class information: 

This is not an easy, run of the mill, Merit Badge and does require a little preparedness.  The official BSA description and requirements are at:

Please download the Merit Badge Workbook and fill it out prior to coming to the class.  This will save a substantial amount of time.

This workbook can help you -- -- but you still need to read the merit badge pamphlet (book).

The Online Radio Merit Badge is a great resource to use to help understand prior to attending the class.

Also,  AA6J Bill Jeffrey has some great notes at

Things to Do Before Coming to the Class

1. Download and print the following documents and familiarize yourself with them prior to the course.  BRING them with you to the course.
  a. (these are the current requirements)
  b. (fill out at much of this worksheet as you can)
2. ACQUIRE, READ (prior to the event) and BRING the 2008 or newer Merit Badge pamphlet.
  a. Please have any specific questions you want to address written down.
  b. You do not have to build the crystal radio, but it's fun!
3. Complete the Radio Merit Badge items listed in the table below.
  Fill out the worksheets as complete as possible.  In order to save classroom time, draw/chart the following items in the worksheet.  That way you'll be less rushed during the course.  If you can not get the chart done, don't worry come anyway.  You may have to do some "post" class work before your blue card can be signed but we'll work with you to get that done.
2. a. Sketch a diagram showing how radio waves travel locally and around the world.  Explain how the broadcast radio stations, WWV and WWVH can be used to help determine what you will hear when you listen to a shortwave radio? 
Draw the chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Requirement 3 a, b, c) before the class and bring it with you.  That way you'll be less rushed during the course.  If you can't get the chart done, dont' worry come anyway.  You may have to do some "post" class work before your blue card can be signed but we'll work with you to get that done.
3. a. Draw a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum covering 100 kilohertz (kHz) to 1000 megahertz (MHz).  
  b. Label the MF, HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave portions of the spectrum on your diagram.  
  c. Locate on your chart at least eight radio services such as AM and FM commercial broadcast, citizens band (CB), television, amateur radio (at least four amateur radio bands), and public service (police and fire).  
5. b. Draw a block diagram for a radio station that includes a transceiver, amplifier, microphone, antenna, and feed line.  
  d. Draw eight schematic symbols.  Explain what three of the represented parts do.  Find three electrical components to match to three of these symbols.  
4. Fully complete the Merit Badge Application card for Radio Merit Badge and have it signed by your Scoutmaster.   The card will be updated with tasks completed and returned signed at the end of the session.  Include evidence of any requirements you may have completed in advance.
5. Class A Uniform requested.
6. A notebook or clipboard to write on and 2 pencils or pens.
7. Snacks (quiet type) and drinks.
8. Chair to sit on.  Note that we will hold this class outside (in a covered area) and we will be subject to weather.  Be prepared.
9. 1 Adult per troop requested
10. Report promptly, well rested, interested and ready to learn!

Field Day is a PUBLIC EVENT.  Your family is invited to observe and get involved.
We operate from 2pm Saturday continuously (overnight) until 2pm Sunday.

Please contact Jon K4WIT at K4WIT@NFARL.ORG for additional information.

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