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Jim, W4QO helping David


Here is a list of club members who have volunteered to be Elmers in selected ham radio topics.

This list is by no means complete.   If you have a question in a topic that is not in the list, submit the question to [email protected] and we will see if we can identify a mentor for your topic.  Don't be shy — your request will go a long way toward helping others who need support in your area of interest.

If you have something to offer in these areas or in an area that is not mentioned, let us know and we will add your topic and name to the list.

10M / 6M operating Bob, W4GA; Bill, W4OO
Antenna Help Chuck, AE4CW [email protected]; Jim, K4DLI; Bob, W2WG; Tim, WK4U; Wes, W3WL [email protected]; Bob, KI4SBL; Jim, W4JDS
Antennas, Wire Jim, W4QO [email protected]; Greg, N4OSJ
Antique Radio Repair Gary, W6GB; Tom W4UOC [email protected]; Greg, N4OSJ
ARES Tom W4UOC [email protected]; David, KE4QLH; Karen, AK4TR; Mike, AD4MC; Jim Paine, N4SEC [email protected]
Contesting Verne, W8BLA; John, K3GO; Mack, W4AX; Mike, W5JR [email protected]; Mark, WO4MW (rookie contesting)
CW Jim, W4QO [email protected]; Chris, KJ4HYG; Jim, W4JDS
Digital Communications John, N4CUS; Tim, WK4U; Neil, N4FN, John, K4SQC; Bill, K4YJI [email protected]; Ian, KM4IK [email protected]; Mark, WO4MW; Jim, N4SEC [email protected]; Mike, AD4MC; Tom W4UOC [email protected]
DXing Wes, W3WL, [email protected]; Neil, N4FN; Jim, W4JDS; Chuck, AE4CW [email protected]; Jim, K4DLI
Field Day Scott, KB4KBS [email protected]; Ian, KM4IK [email protected]
Ham Ethics Tom W4UOC [email protected]
Hamfest / Service Projects Bill, K4YJI [email protected]
HF Operations Jim, W4JDS; Ian, KM4IK [email protected]
Home Brewing / Construction Jeff, N1KDO; Wes, W3WL [email protected]; Chuck, AE4CW [email protected]; Mack, W4AX; Bob, KI4SBL; Zyg, AF4MP
HRD Assistance John, N4CUS; Neil, N4FN; Bill, K4YJI [email protected]; Mark, WO4MW; Jim, N4SEC [email protected]
License Testing Ian, KM4IK [email protected]
Maritime Mobile and
U. S Islands Activation
Terry, W4YBV  [email protected]
Mobile Rigs / Installation Mike, W5JR [email protected]; Tim, WK4U; Shane, KF4TJY; Steve, KC4YBO; Zyg, AF4MP
Name Badges Chaz, W4GKF; Fred, N4CLA
Photography Bill, W4OO
QRP Jim, W4QO [email protected];
Radio Merit Badge
(Boy Scouts)
Wes, W3WL [email protected]; Rich, KB7WO; Jon, K4WIT; Jim, W4QO [email protected]
Repeaters Fred, N4CLA [email protected]; Mike, W5JR [email protected]; Mack, W4AX [email protected]; Bill, W4OO
Satellites John, K4SQC
SDR Radios Mack, W4AX [email protected]; Ernie, W2FMU; Chuck, AE4CW [email protected]; Tim, WK4U
Setting Up Your First Station - inexpensive radio alternatives Tom W4UOC [email protected]
Simple Wire Antennas Tom W4UOC [email protected]
Tech Net Jim, W4QO [email protected]
Training Classes / HamCrams Chuck, AE4CW [email protected]
WAS and VUCC Awards Verne, W8BLA is the VHF/HF WAS, 5 – Band WAS and VUCC awards manager for the ARRL and offers that service to all amateurs looking for those awards
Website Bill, K4YJJ [email protected]
Youth Jim, W4QO[email protected]; Wes, W3WL [email protected]; Chris, KJ4HYG; Edward, KJ4NRN

Last updated May 8, 2015