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Thank You

This has been a phenomenal year for the North Fulton Amateur Radio League.  The club's continued success is due to our great members.  We’re now at over 260 active members, our treasury has grown 16 fold in the past three years, and we’re a Federally recognized 501(c)3 charity.  All of these accomplishments are due to the hard work and dedication you bring to the club.  The club’s board members, Walt KJ4HE, Fred N4CLA, Shelia KD4NKE, Mike W5JR, Ian AK4IK, Jim W4QO, and Tom W4UOC have all brought exceptional leadership and guidance to the club.  The path charted for the club is due to their efforts and dedication.  Thank you to the board and our great members!

Now it’s almost 2010 and it’s time turn over the club leadership to some new officers.  Chuck AE4CW will do an incredible job as your president with the support of Wes W3WL as vice president, Fred N4CLA as treasurer, and Bill K4YJI as secretary.  Please give them your full support and lots of volunteer support as they pilot the club to even greater success in 2010.

I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to lead this fantastic radio club.  I treasure each and every friendship that I have with our members.  I hope you and your families have a very successful 2010 and please remember to volunteer to help when your 2010 club leadership asks.

Very 73,

Mack de W4AX

Let me tick off some of the major accomplishments your club made in 2009. (this part is long)

And now there will be a new chapter in NFARL history for 2010.  Let’s enjoy our successes in 2009 and look forward to even greater accomplishments in 2010.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Please remember that we enjoy many shared members with the South Eastern DX Club and North Georgia QRP Club.  Please consider attending one of their meetings.  You’ll find some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable hams in the area.  SEDXC meets the third Wednesday of every month and NoGA QRP meets on the second Saturday of the month.